Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Did Starbucks read my mind or my blog?

Yesterday I complained that Starbucks' hot chocolate -- the only warm beverage they offer for people who don't drink coffee -- is "too-sweet, too-thin crap."

This morning's Wall Street Journal reveals that Starbucks plans to unveil two new drink lines later today as it tries to combat the decline in customers visiting its US stores.

This summer, the company will introduce smoothie-like drinks made with fresh fruit and whey powder at all US locations. Starbucks says they're the first stage of a broader push into healthier drink and food offerings.

The company also will begin selling a more-indulgent sweet, icy beverage developed with an Italian company. That drink will only be sold in select markets, including Southern California.

Unfortunately, neither effort will improve the crappy hot chocolate.

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