Monday, July 9, 2007

Phones for fat heads, or weight lifters

Telematrix makes a variety of modern phones for offices and hotel rooms, and even a Sopranos episode. The company also makes a couple of retro-looking phones for hotel lobbies, and other ostentatious locations. I see no point in debating esthetics, and the phones work perfectly fine and have long five-year warranties -- but there is one questionable design quirk.

The handset is larger and heavier than most handsets, and you may find these phones are more for looking at, than talking on. (See comparison with standard handset at right.)

On the other hand, if your head is as big as Rush Limbaugh's, if you value form over function, or want to build your muscles when you talk, or want a bedside communications device that can also be used for defense against nocturnal invaders, you can CLICK to order.

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