Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why is the CHECK ENGINE light on?
Get a diagnosis from CarMD

Every car, light truck, SUV and minivan manufactured for use in the US since 1996 has an onboard computer system designed to turn on the Check Engine light if a problem is detected.

When that light goes on, most people either ignore it, pop the hood and stare at the engine, or beg their car dealer for an emergency appointment.

CarMD gives drivers the tools and information they need to monitor their vehicle’s health. It works on all 1996 and newer vehicles manufactured for use in the US.

The product includes:

•Handheld tester that links to your vehicle’s computer through a port found under the dashboard. Its easy-to-read LEDs give a quick indication of the vehicle’s health (red = service required, yellow = possible problem, green = all systems go)
•Quick Reference User’s Guide and Demo Video
•USB cable and CD software to link tester to a Windows -based PC
•Access via www.CarMD.com to an online database that connects you to information that, until now, only your mechanic had, such as probable cause, fix and estimated repair costs

Some of the many uses for CarMD include:
•Find out why your “Check Engine” light is on
•Diagnose problems and determine estimated repair costs so you can compare notes with your mechanic
•Check a used car before buying or selling
•Identify problems or get peace of mind before taking a road trip
•Find out if your vehicle will pass an emissions “smog” check

CarMD.com Corp. has ASE certified technicians available by phone and email to answer customer questions.

CarMD costs $89.99 and is currently available by phone at 1 888 MyCarMD (692-2763)or online at www.CarMD.com

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