Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Outdoor phone housing

If your al fresco communications needs are met by a cordless or cellular phone, read no further.

But if you have a need for a permanently installed outdoor phone at a tennis court, swimming pool, guard shack, security gate, parking lot, outdoor stage, camp ground, airport, amusement park, mobile home park, etc., you're in the right place.

This enclosure is ideally suited for outdoor use, or any environment where a protective housing is required.

It's constructed of durable glass-reinforced polyester, resistant to weather and corrosive chemicals. The hinged door provides a positive seal when the door is closed and securely latched. Color is basic neutral gray. It has sturdy mounting flanges for easy attachment to a flat or curved surface, and has a standard modular wall jack to accommodate most wall phones.

It's also available with an optional locking door, if you're concerned that your phone may take a walk. CLICK to order from

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