Thursday, December 11, 2008

New favorite salsa and chips are both from Costco

Ola Senor y Senorita!

I eat lots of salsa and tortilla chips, and I've tried lots of brands over the years. Many salsa brands, including Chi-Chi's and Ortega are acceptable to me -- especially if I have to grab a jar at a nearby 7-11 or Mobil Mart for late-night motel munching.

For the last year or so I had standardized on Santa Barbara salsa from Costco, and the ubiquitious Scoops chips made by Frito-Lay. Their spoon-bowl shape made lots of sense, and they tasted fine. I also like the fresh-made freebie chips served at On-The-Border restaurants, and usually order a refill towards the end of a meal, so I know I'll have some left-overs that they'll pack for me to take home. My wife complains that they're too salty, but she usually scarfs down the contents of the doggie bag before I get a chance. She doesn't like salsa, tho.

I'm a big Costco fan. I'm there twice a week for food, electronics, office supplies, books, DVDs, tools, car stuff, garbage bags, clothes, everything. The constant stream of new products, good value, great customer service, plus free food samples make an unbeatbale combination. I'm also a member of BJ's and Sam's Club, but Costco is always my preferred warehouse destination.

A couple of weeks ago, one of their nice old ladies served me a free sample of their own Kirkland brand organic salsa, on their own Kirkland brand organic tortilla chips. I was immediately impressed, and bought a bag and a big bottle. Yesterday I bought another bag and bottle. They are my new standard, and I highly recommend them.

The chips are not as convenient as Scoops, but the superior taste makes up for having to use a spoon to spread the joy. Of course, you can rough-it and just shove a chip into the salsa. I prefer spreading to dipping.

I buy them for the flavor, but they're also organic. If that impresses you, you'll have two reasons to buy them. And because they're from Costco, you'll save money and have fun shopping, so you'll have four reasons.

CHIP HINT: invariably, as you progress to the bottom of the chip bag, the pieces get smaller and smaller and eventually the pieces and crumbs are just too small to put salsa on. Here are two ways to prolong the joy and minimize the waste. (1) Put the small pieces in a bowl so your dog can eat them. (2) Put the small pieces in a bowl, mash them up with a spoon, pour on the salsa and mix it up and eat with a spoon. YUM.

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Anonymous said...

Just bought a bottle of Costco's new organic salsa and I thoroughly agree, it's delicious - much better the the Old El Paso I have bought from Costco in the past.