Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not sure what phone cord color you need?
You can get free color samples to choose from.

Despite the increasing use of wireless and cordless phones, most phones still have two cords.

There are plenty of places to buy phone cords at all prices and qualities, but probably only one website that specializes in phone cords.

www.CordsForPhones.com has line cords in five colors ranging in length from 8 inches to 100 feet, and handset cords in over 20 colors in three sizes. They even have seven varieties of gray; and if you're not sure what color you need, they'll send you free cord color samples so you can choose what's best for you. The cords are reasonably priced, UL-approved, and guaranteed for three years, or longer.

The website has hard-to-find special cords for H-P fax machines and Merlin phones, plus a wide range of phone accessories, and advice on phone troubleshooting, and even how to make cords last longer.

Their flat-rate shipping program can get up to six cords of any length to any address in the USA in two or three days for just $9, even to Alaska and Hawaii. If you need more than six cords, they can ship 20 cords for just $12. There are quantity discounts and free shipping for bigger orders.

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