Monday, June 30, 2008

Giant twist-tie beats the bungee

KwikTwist is an industrial size twist-tie able to hold up to 100 lbs. of weight. It has at least 1,746,324 uses in home, car, garage, office, warehouse, factory, etc. It's great for camping, boating, fishing and sports. You can use it to attach almost anything to anything -- and un-attach it quickly.

KwitTwist is made of a flexible heavy gauge steel alloy wire covered with soft foam plastic shielding to protect whatever you have to tie or wrap. KwikTwist will float in water and will withstand UV sunlight, but not gasoline or harsh chemicals.

Wrap it around any object, make three tight twists and the object is held securely in place. KwikTwist has male and female connecting brass ends. You can attach two pieces together by simply removing the end caps, to create a longer length. Unlike rope and bungee cords, KwikTwist is easy to use with no hooks or knots required.

I used them to secure suitcases and shopping bags to the headrest hardware in the rear of my van, on a recent 3,600-mile trip, to keep them from tumbling out when the tailgate was opened.

It's available at Lowes and other stores. Suggested retail price is $6.95 for two KwikTwists, each 32 inches long. I paid eight bucks at L. L. Bean, but I'm not complaining. CLICK for more.

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