Friday, February 15, 2008


Valentine's Day has passed. And that means that most stores have marked down their remaining stock of red heart-shaped candies to 50% of the price they were selling for less than 24 hours ago.

This is great news for munchee addicts. So before the weekend is over, do some shopping. The sooner you get to the stores, the better your chances of getting what you crave.

I hit CVS and Rite-Aid early this morning and wiped out their inventories of my favorite Ju Ju hearts. The reduced price wasn't as good as what my Grandma Del paid when I first got addicted to them around 1950, but the price was better than yesterday.

I'll scarf down a couple of bags over the next few days, and the rest of my precious cargo will get stashed in the freezers, to be gradually defrosted until a fresh crop appears in the stores shortly after New Years Day, 2009, when the 2008 Christmas candy is marked down and cleared out.

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