Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jeep light guards from J. C. Whitney

I confess. I don't own a Jeep. I do like them. If I had room for a fourth car I might get a Jeep, unless I could afford a Tesla.

Anyway, J. C. Whitney, producer and marketer of an amazing collection of automotive enhancers, has some really nice light guards that can make your Jeep even more Jeeplike. You get style and protection for front, back and sides, and they're on sale now. Prices range from $29.99 to $129.99 per pair, and you can get black power coat or stanless steel. They fit recent Wranglers. CLICK.

J. C. Whitney has specialized catalogs for Jeep and other vehicles, and general auto gadget catalogs, too. If you like to drive and play with cars, get on their mailing list.

They have tools, engines, tires, audio gear, fuzzy dice, pretty much everything. Over the years, they've had some wacky stuff, too. Even fake CB radio antennas, fake cellphone handsets and fake four-on-the-floor shifters for folks who need to enhance their image at minimal cost. Many years ago, they supplied me with a genuine walnut cover for my '64 Corvair Corsa dashboard. Very classy.

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