Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sony Rolly robotic dancing music player

Here at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Sony showed its Rolly™ entertainment player, a palm-sized, egg-shaped device that provides music, motion and fun. The Rolly is already being sold in Japan, and is due in the US in the Spring.

Despite its small size and light weight, Rolly produces surprisingly clear sound, according to Sony. With 180-degree horizontally opposed stereo speakers with neodymium magnets, you can listeners from nearly anywhere. Sound reverberates from the surface the device is placed on: table, desk or floor.

With built-in robotics technologies, Rolly is designed to move its small arms, shoulders and wheels to the beat of the music. Lighting adds to the impact, with about 700 colors including pink, blue, white and orange.

Rolly is ready to use right out of the box, but you can choreograph an original routine, too. It comes with software for customizing the music and motions using a USB connection to a PC. You can share dance routine programs with others by uploading and downloading motions online.

The Rolly device’s simple, clean, cable-less design lets it move freely on smooth surfaces. It’s easy to change songs or control the volume by turning the wheels while the unit is on a surface or holding it in your hand. Shaking the device switches to shuffle mode. The player also contains Bluetooth® technology for wirelessly streaming music from a compatible PC or mobile phone.

With 2GB flash memory, the player can store up to 520 songs with an average of four minutes in length at 128kbps in the MP3 format. The battery life allows up to five hours of music playback and up to four hours of music and motion together. The player supports non-secure AAC and MP3. CLICK to see commercial on Youtube.
This is a preview, not a review.

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