Friday, January 18, 2008

At least one more big flick coming on HD DVD

Despite the apparent impending death of the HD DVD format, following a shot in the head by Warner Bros., Universal Studios said it will release its critically acclaimed film American Gangster in the HD DVD/DVD Combo Disc format on Feb. 19.

Special features include real-time interactivity, picture-in-picture commentaries, scene sharing and Web-enabled bonus content.

Universal said, “American Gangster kicks off the year in a big way as we release one of the most high-profile and celebrated titles of 2007 on HD DVD. Making it available on HD DVD combo disc is a win-win proposition for those consumers passionate about watching their content in high-def while also affording them the ultimate convenience of being able to watch the same movie on every home or portable DVD player they own.”

Interactive bonus features, based on Microsoft’s HDi technology include:

U-Control picture-in-picture commentaries: Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, director Ridley Scott, producer Brian Grazer and key cast and crew members reveal behind-the-scenes details.

My Scenes: This feature lets users create personal collections of favorite American Gangster scenes. By book-marking segments of the film, users will see a visual timeline of the movie. HD DVD players will store scenes until physically deleted by the user. Favorite scenes can also be shared with friends through the player’s Web connection.

Other direct-connection features include movie trailers, interactive polls and exclusive content, including the deleted scene, “Frank and Eva's Wedding.” (info from TWICE)

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