Thursday, June 7, 2007

Laptop for ladies who hate PCs

It's too late for Valentine's Day or Mothers Day, but you may still have time before Graduation Day.

If you need to get a laptop for a female who disdains the usual black, white or silver slabs, NEC suggests that you think pink.

Hello Kitty, Japan's cutest cat, decorates NEC's new pink laptop in an effort to woo working women.

The La Vie G Hello Kitty model, available for $1,650 by web order in Japan, went on sale yesterday, and has gotten off to a good start, company spokesman Shinya Hashizume said. "PC users now tend to be men, but we're hoping to attract women with this product."

The laptop, developed in collaboration with Sanrio Co., the Tokyo-based company behind Hello Kitty, uses 299 Swarovski crystals to depict four hearts and the bubbly feline head wearing a pink bow and crown.

NEC is hoping to sell several hundred of the Hello Kitty laptops in the next few months, targeting the summertime when Japanese workers receive their twice-a-year bonuses.

The laptop, which comes with Windows Vista, 100 gigabyte hard disk drive and 1 gigabyte memory, is being advertised as a laptop that's "dazzling and gorgeous like a jewelry box."

Hello Kitty has been popular for years with children and young women, but the cat has begun to appear on electronic gadgets, guitars and expensive jewelry. (info from The Associated Press)

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