Monday, June 4, 2007

Belkin hub has vertical and horizontal ports

Most computer accessories connect through USB ports, but even though modern PCs have USB ports in front and in back, there are never enough of them. And the built-in ports don't work well with things that need space around them, like thumb drives.

Accessory maker Belkin has a 4-port USB hub that will add capacity, and subtract mess, with a built-in cable management slot, plus included cable ties. It's great for adding capacity to a laptop, and can easily fit into a laptop case. If you need even more ports, it can be stacked on top of Belkin's 7-port model.

• Adds up to 4 USB devices to your computer, with individual LED status lights
• Features 2 top-load USB ports for quick access
• Includes an internal weight and stay-put pads to keep Hub anchored to the desk
• Requires no external power supply for most devices
• Prevents damage to your computer and devices with over-current protection
• Lifetime Warranty

Suggested retail price is $49.95. I've seen it with a $53.66 buy-it-now price at eBay, and in the low 20s elsewhere. I paid $18.43 at Sam's Club.

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