Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PaperPro strength-multiplying stapler

Paper staplers have been around for years. The major change was the use of electricity instead of human power to drive the wire through the sheets. Recently a smart guy named Todd Moses re-thought the manual stapler, and developed something simple and amazing.

The PaperPro® stapler has a patented spring-powered mechanism that can convert 8 lbs of finger pressure into 30 lbs of staple driving power. One light finger touch can staple 25 sheets of paper together, with no power cord. It won't make a big reduction in your electricity bill, or save a lot of coal or oil; but it will make your desktop just a little bit greener, and it's even fun to use and show off to others.

PaperPro uses standard staples, and in about two years of daily use, mine has never jammed. I've never had to whack it with a fist, pry it open with a screwdriver, or use more than one finger to work it.

Several models are available (with color choices, too). I use the Prodigy. The pocket-size Nano can do 12 sheets. Mid-size PaperPros can staple 15 or 20 sheets, and two-finger versions can put up to 100 sheets of paper together.

The inspiration for the PaperPro stapler came when company founder/CEO Todd Moses got pissed-off and hurled a jammed stapler against a wall. Out of that frustration came the idea to remake the desktop stapler with mechanical power similar to what's inside the staple guns used by carpenters and telephone installers.

PaperPro staplers are available online and at many office supply dealers, but strangely not at Staples. I got mine at OfficeMax. CLICK for an animated online demo.

The company also uses its one-finger technology in a three-hole paper punch that can go through a dozen sheets of paper.

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