Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Giant remote is too big to lose

I've tried Velcro-ing remote controls to the furniture, and tethering them with coiled phone cords, but they still diappear. They're usually under a cushion or under the bed, and our dog has taken a few outside the house.

Brookstone may have a solution with their King Kong-size univeral remote control that measures 5" W x 11" L x 1" H. This 6-in-1 device can operate your TV, VCR, DVD player, satellite receiver, cable box and other gadgets. It has glow-in-the-dark buttons, so you can easily find it and use it when the lights are out; and it knows nearly 300 codes for popular brands of audio and video devices.

You may not have the biggest TV in the neighborhood, but for $35 you can have the biggest remote control. CLICK to order from Brookstone (This is a preview, not a review.)

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