Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wine chiller keeps water cold all night, too.

Vacu Vin is a Netherlands-based manufacturer and distributor of food and wine gadgets for home and professional use.

Their Prestige Wine Cooler is designed to allow you to chill your wine is five minutes, with no mess from melting ice and no wet label sliding off.

The key is a flexible cylindrical "Rapid Ice" pouch/pod that you freeze in your freezer, and then insert in a stainless-steel container. Put in the wine, wait a few minutes, and sip or slurp.

I am not much of a wino. However, I do like to keep Poland Spring water on my night table to relieve overnight dry spells. Warm water is no joy. I tried a tiny electrical bottle/can cooler, but the noise was annoying. Wrap-around and drop in "can cozies" are not tall enough to protect a water bottle, and only work for a few hours.

The Prestige Wine Cooler, OTOH, is a perfect solution. At bed time, I put the cooling pouch in the bottom, a bottle of Poland Spring in the top, turn on the XM and turn off the light. In the morning, the pouch goes back in the freezer, and any left-over water goes back in the fridge. It's simple, it's neat, and it works.

Price is $30 at My wife got one at Xpect Discounts for $3.99. Amazon also sells the naked chilling pods, in sizes for cans or bottles, for as little as two for $8.99.

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