Friday, March 16, 2007

Staples stairstep surge protector

There's nothing high-tech about this, but it's a very good idea that someone should have thought of before.

Most surge protectors are either strips, or flat rectangles. The #SSM-DK40 is the first protector I've seen with stairstep, or stadium seating design, that saves space by letting two cords pass over plugs or transformers. It's great for a crowded desk or workbench.

It has four non-skid rubber "feet" to keep it from sliding around, plus a power switch with a pilot light so you'll know it's plugged in and turned on. The heavy-gage power cord is 6 feet long. The four outlets are spaced far enough apart to provide space for large transformers. You get a "lifetime limited warranty" plus a $15,000 connected equipment warranty. Price is $15.98, at Staples stores or

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